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5 Major Facts About Pollution

Pollution is a troublesome subject.

We all know it’s bad for the earth, bad for our lungs, and does terrible things to rivers, ponds, and lakes where illegal dumping is commonplace.

However, if quizzed on your knowledge of smog and the like, would you be able to hold a proper discussion? Do you even know why it’s bad?

Blackle Mag presents a list of pollution facts below, the kind that hopefully will keep you up at night wondering how you can be of help in finding a solution.

And if not keeping you up at night, perhaps giving you second thoughts the next time you consider tossing plastic overboard while boating down the Thames, or leaving batteries in the wilderness when they run out of juice on a camping trip. Seriously, those are big no-no’s.

1. Pollution affects over 100 million people each year. That’s comparable to the global reach of HIV and malaria.

2. 14 billion pounds of trash are dumped into the ocean annually. Any guesses what the majority of it might be? If you guessed plastic, you are correct. This circles around to the “don’t throw plastic overboard” tip from above.

3. Almost 50% of the lakes in the United States are too polluted for fishing, swimming, plant-life, etc. This makes life extremely difficult for folks whose livelihoods are centered around aquatics, such as fishermen, fishing shops, you name it. This forces them to either travel great distances to find their catch, or import from other states and/or countries. It all adds up to unnecessary expenses, diminishing wildlife, and increased carbon footprints.

4. The United States produces more trash and waste than it does resources such as energy, fuel, food, etc. 30% of the world’s garbage, and 25% of the world’s resources comes from the U.S.

5. Good practices such as recycling and composting prevented 85 million tons of garbage from turning into pollution in 2010. Only 18 million tons were prevented in 1980.



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