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Ninja, Guru or Rockstar? [Infographic]

These days, a ninja isn’t necessarily trained in martial arts. According to indeed.com, job postings with the term ‘ninja’ included in the title have grown over 4000% in the last four years.

‘Rockstars’ and ‘gurus’ are also in demand across a range of industries, but don’t be fooled. These archetypes aren’t just one and the same; they each have their own personality traits, both positive and negative.

The same applies in the environmental field. Is Al Gore a ‘green guru’ or ‘green rockstar’?

What about you? Maybe you go about your business quietly and efficiently like a ninja. Or do you inspire those around you to get with the program?

Take a look at the infographic and tell us whether you fit the bill.

Ninja Guru Rockstar Infographic

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