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Climate Change Is Not A Hoax

Climate change and the media

Image source: www.theconversation.com

Before any of this gets started, there must first be made a clarification and acceptance of terms and contexts, otherwise this will tear apart at its seams.

First, it must be accepted that United States and United Kingdom media outlets are legitimate, fair, and accurate in their reporting.

Second, it must be accepted that climate change deniers and skeptics deserve an equal part of the debate and attention, solely based on their ability to form an idea in their heads, and not on any merit or evidence.

Now that’s out of the way, let us continue:

It is reprehensible for climate change deniers and skeptics to be given more attention in the media, and the same amount, if not more, of legitimacy as actual climate scientists. This situation is fairly localized to U.S. and U.K. media outlets, and it is no wonder why these two locations have some of the higher numbers of climate change skeptics in the world. Granted, media outlets are always on a quest for ratings and readers/viewers, but at some point the delusion needs to end.

It’s bad enough for the “Average Joe and Jane’s” to have absolutely no idea what is going on when it comes to climate change, but for ignorance to be legitimized by the media, and for people in power to vote using stupidity and ideology is inexcusable.

How can anyone expect productive, progressive, or even functional environmental and energy policies when climate change is still viewed as a hoax?

It cannot be expected, nor should it be expected. For action to be taken to combat the escalating threats of climate change, the plugs must be forcibly removed from skeptics’ ears and the bullets must be bit, because the globe is past the point of comfortable transition.

Lunacy can no longer be taken seriously and perceived as legitimate—it is insulting to actual knowledge and facts, and is extraordinarily dangerous to the world.

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