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Overfishing with FishLove

An organization in the UK that is attempting to make a bold statement against over fishing has taken to celebrities posing naked with dead fish. If they wanted everyone’s attention I think they received it that’s for sure! Should the point be not to kill fish rather than kill them to pose naked with them?

According to FishLove’s website, Scientists predict that all marine life will effectively disappear from our oceans by the middle of this century if nothing is done about over-fishing. The people in these photographs want over-fishing to stop. Of course, with over fishing you also have to account for those nasty pollutants we throw into the ocean every day.  Currently, 63 percent of fish stocks in the Atlantic are over fished along with 82 percent of fish stocks in the Mediterranean are over fished. This is a staggering percentage.

Some of the fish shown in the photographs are over-fished and threatened. FishLove asked Waitrose to provide examples of fish they would not stock as well as those they do so as to highlight what species could be lost if over-fishing continues. Over the last 25 years, short-term economic interest and political expediency has landed European fisheries in deep crisis. Continuous overfishing has resulted in less-productive fisheries with a gradual loss of jobs and livelihoods.

OCEAN2012 is a campaign of over 160 organizations throughout the EU dedicated to stopping overfishing, ending the destructive fishing practices, and delivering fair and useful stocks of fish. The idea for the photographs came about in a conversation between Nicholas Röhl, owner of Brighton Japanese restaurant MOSHIMO, and Charles Clover, who was at that point about to launch his important film on the fishing crisis, ‘End of the Line’. Though the photos are quite questionable and raise eyebrow to the idea of whether they fit the message they definitely bring in the attention to project.


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