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Climate Aid, Climate Change

Despite the American presidential race being done and over with (thankfully, for some), it is still a relevant and important note to make that climate change was mentioned once during the campaigns, amidst the flurry of other, lesser topics which happened to be more alluring to the consensus.

However, the election may be over, but the threat of a worsening climate due to human action is far from gone.

Public opinion has experienced a massive sweep toward taking action against climate change, and it has also recognized human activity being responsible for the changing climate; over two-thirds of those polled consistently responded expressing support for clean energy and combating climate change.

The question is now, will President Obama follow the public opinion in his administration’s policy, or will he instead act on competing interests? Obviously, it is impossible to know what will happen, but if President Obama fulfills his campaign promises, which he is expected to do, it can be assumed climate change will be a priority in his second term.

Coincidentally, even though the American public may desire their politicians to promote clean energy and combat climate change, it is publicly unknown the macro-level disparity between fossil fuel subsidies and clean energy subsidies. Further, the United States and other wealthy nations allot a certain amount of funds toward foreign climate aid, yet that amount is five times less than what the governments allow for fossil fuel subsidies.

The argument can be made that it is not the United States’ responsibility to take care of other countries to ensure an international effort toward mitigating the effects of climate change, but the foundation of that argument is a flawed global policy.

Unfortunately, the global arena is not as conducive to isolationism as it was in the early 20th century, and isolationism ultimately led to U.S. involvement in both World War I and World War II. The common enemy for an international agenda is climate change, and only through domestic effort and foreign aid will actions to combat climate change succeed.

We all live under the same atmosphere, and if climate change is to be fully fought, it will take a global effort.

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