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Smog-Eating Sidewalks

It’s the subject of much discussion; the level of pollution in America.

Each year, machines spew millions of tons of pollution into the environment, killing wildlife, people, and creating barren wastelands uninhabitable by civilized life.

Thankfully, the world is awakening to the crisis before us. Ironically leading the charge in part is the city of Chicago, Illinois. Here we find a small glimpse into the future; pollution-gobbling sidewalks and roads that suck up toxic chemicals like a sand lion swallows ants. It’s called “photocatalytic cement.”

This magic stuff is covered in titanium dioxide particles that remove gases from the air. Basically, it sweeps up after cars and trucks spit out noxious smog into the atmosphere. It also works as a stress-reliever to Chicago’s overworked sewage system during rainfalls. Right now, the cement only exists in a 2-mile stretch of sidewalk, pegged as the “greenest street in America.”

The streets themselves are paved with environmentally-friendly asphalt, which complements the photocatalytic sidewalk. Taxes and grants paid for the road, which is now 100% self-sustaining and working as a bonafide pollution solution for one of America’s dirtiest cities. As stated above, it will divert up to 80% of rain from the sewers.

Check out this image below of the road schematics. Hopefully Chicago’s inventiveness will reach to other parts of the city, and show up in states across America and places globally.

Cermak Road



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