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The beauty of the natural environment can only be truly appreciated when human beings have a very limited impact on such environment. Well, at least in Swaziland this is the case. One of the most barbaric of ways that mankind destroys the aesthetic appeal of his environment is littering.

Littering is a bad habit that is not about to be subside. It is not an uncommon sight to see a grown person eat a packet of chips only to discard the plastic packet on the ground. It is also just as rife to see people throw things such as bottles, plastic and paper through the widows of a moving vehicle.

The most disturbing habit of all is when residents from in and around the city continue to throw their garbage bags on unofficial landfills which always have a huge sign prohibiting dumping and littering on that sight. These actions all cost the taxpayer a great deal of money, moreover they pollute the environment and rob it of its natural beauty.

The one way in which the government can eradicate this bad habit is by taking the issue to the national legislature. The lawmakers will then be charged with introducing laws with a deterrent effect, so as to discourage people from engaging in the barbaric act of littering.

In Swaziland we have seen how jaywalking and traffic laws have enjoyed great success in bringing about change in what would be considered minor offences which had gotten out of hand. The same can be done for littering. In any case, it is not as if littering is legal in Swaziland, what needs to be done is to update the laws accordingly and enforce them unapologetically.

Human beings continue to advance in their thinking and reasoning power, littering should therefore not be a prevalent problem in society. Swaziland should therefore address the matter with a sense of urgency, lest we find ourselves on the wrong side of history.

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