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Green Festivals Merge Economics with the Environment


Image source: flickr.com

Green Festival is an annual, multi-city event in the U.S. promoting sustainable products and innovation. In addition to public demonstrations, the festivals feature eco-friendly merchants, ethical cuisine, and live music from around the world.

By merging the merits of sustainability with economics, Green Festivals help instigate the cooperation of corporate investors to conduct business responsibly, in addition to backing companies that adhere to sustainable methods of operation. This support is crucial if we wish to secure the funding needed to incubate future innovations. These innovations will enable us to improve upon our actions as a whole, as it will take a change in society if we wish to curb the global environmental crisis.

As a prime setting for eco-minded products and services, Green Festival exhibitors range from up-cycled wares and solar air-conditioners to educational organizations and fair-trade coffee.


Image source: flickr.com

But sustainability transcends the realm of ecologically conscious consumption. For those interested in the more pro-active, if not inspirational, side of a green future, you may wish to attend purely for the public speakers and presentations. Green advocates that will be taking to the stage include film-makers, authors, and politicians, allowing for a broad spectrum of perceptions and ideas that will hopefully constellate into concise and concentrated solutions.

Thus far, Green Festivals have taken place in at least 7 cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City. Of these cities, five – New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco – will be holding festivals this year. Festivals often take place in autumn, with dates ranging from mid-September to late November.

Currently, Green Festival is the largest sustainability even in the world. To further act on their own principles, the Green Festival team is getting closer to ensuring festivals are zero waste events.

For more information, or to volunteer at an event, visit www.greenfestivals.org.


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