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Life’s Quest

We all have a mission in life. From birth until death, we go about our daily existence with goals and visions on our minds.

Whether it’s finishing college, starting a family, or rising up the ladder in the corporate world, everyone has a plan.

What of humanity, though? What’s our unified plan, and is it clear cut?

Since the days when the first human beings walked the earth, we have all asked ourselves that question. What exactly is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

A popular novel-turned-film called The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy suggests satirically that the answer is as simple and nonsensical as the number 42. But could it really be so plain?

“The unknown is not to be avoided. It is to be examined, understood, and accepted”

These words were penned by author Dave Marinaccio, consecrated permanently in a narrative take on the futuristic television series Star Trek. Incidentally, the show’s popular mantra was,

“To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before”

Could this short phrase really be the single underlying trait of human existence?

If you follow the timeline of society’s achievements, all major discoveries usually began with a grand adventure into the unknown. Take for instance Christopher Columbus’s journey to the New World. He and his crew knew not what they would find, nor if they would even survive. But they ventured nonetheless, and they did so boldly.

In modern times, we can see a similar zeal in our space program. With plans to travel to Mars and beyond, one can’t help but dream of a future in which humanity stretches past interstellar space and into the vast unknown.

Here on earth, society is bridging cultural gaps and differences to create a unified planet, with a focus on living conservatively and smartly. We’ve displayed a renewed interest in the arts, and have incorporated that creative inspiration into functional utilitarianism. We’re steadily building a better world for the next generation to inherit, all the while fueling our need for conquest.

So what exactly is the “Prime Directive”?

A great argument could be made that it is the desire to push ourselves past every limit we encounter and break existing rules on all that we know. And it isn’t difficult to see evidence of this throughout history. Even now we test our knowledge and strength in order to better understand the universe we live in.

Human nature dictates that we leave no stone untouched in our quest for fulfillment, and one day, we will find it.

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