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Earth Friendly Actions Are Awarded

Eco Awards

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Health and environmental effects from manmade poisons like lead, mercury and nuclear radiation just to name a few, have left unfortunate lasting impressions in history.

The environment has long been a concern, and there haven’t always been accolades for those who try to make differences in pressing issues.

Finding innovative ways to make a real impact in the lives of others while meeting environmentally conscious requirements deserves recognition. Below are a few examples of green awards that distinguish those who see a need and fulfill it with earth friendly actions.

1. The Energy Globe awards were started in 1999. This environmental honor is granted to standout winners from all over the world and so far recipients from 151 countries have been awarded.

Successful project entries deal with wide ranging topics, including recycling and sustainable energy solutions.

2. The Ashden Awards were founded in 2001 and features proactive innovators that unite communities and green resources. International entries are judged and those that are selected as winners receive assistance with expanding their ideas.

To date, more than 140 projects from things like making functional stoves available to remote African families to providing smart energy and safe drinking water to populations, the receivers of this award are influential leaders in their fields.

3. The Green Star Awards are a global effort to bring awareness to people and groups who make a difference in preparing for natural disasters and when environmental emergencies strike. These awards acknowledge that it takes a certain skillset to be able to deal with crisis situations.

Taking on the challenge in trying to prepare for the unexpected with environmental issues in mind earn contenders a worthy spot. Green Cross International, the United Nations Environment Program and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs presented the first award in 2009 and collaborate every two years to honor new addressees.

4. The United Nations Association of Australia presents the World Environment Day Awards, an annual ceremony that considers achievements in ecologically friendly concepts in many areas like community, education and business.

By focusing on problems at hand and coming up with ways to better encourage sustainable practices changes can be brought about, and this event seeks to identify frontrunners that exhibit constructive actions.

Learning about environmental awards around the globe and those who are recognized for their efforts brings home the fact that others share the same earth preserving concepts.

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