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Five Short Films With An Eco-Message

A little bit ago, we ran a story about Hollywood films with an environmental message. However, we realize that you probably don’t have time to sit down and watch all of them in one sitting. These five short films below are brilliant, and beautifully executed. Several have won awards at film festivals, and have even earned their Director a ticket to Hollywood. Check them out!

Going Green

Logline: This short animated film is a message to achieve a greener planet by stopping pollution.”

Among Giants

Logline: Risking injury and incarceration, an environmental activist disrupts the clear-cutting of an ancient Redwood grove by sitting on a tiny platform a hundred feet up in the tree canopy.


Logline: In a post-apocalyptic future, an animated rag-doll with the number “9” on his back scavenges along in a human-free landscape, all the while being chased by a monster that seeks to devour his soul.

Eco-message: There are no humans left. Wars, environmental tragedies, and poor use of resources have killed us off, leaving behind the invention of a scientist to represent mankind’s salvation.

Floating Cities: Environmental Atlas of Europe

Logline: Almost a third of the Netherlands lies below sea level, and over the centuries, the country has developed a highly efficient flood defense system.

Vanishing Act

Logline: A young boy tries to dispose of a garbage bag filled with trash.

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