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Responsible Fireworks Use

The year is almost over, and if the Mayan prophecy is wrong we will soon be celebrating the dawn of the impending New Year.

There are many ways in which different cultures of the world celebrate this event, relevant to this article is the universal use of fireworks.

Fireworks are a beautiful spectacle to observe, the fire showers that light up the sky bring a feeling of happiness and excitement to spectators. However, we need to consider the impact that fireworks have on the environment.

The first concern in this regard is the effect that fireworks have on animals, the banging sounds made by fireworks may agitate animals causing them to flee their natural habitat. The noise pollution may also have an impact on reproduction and natural behaviour of animals, which may have a further significant impact on the ecological balance of the affected habitat.

The second concern is that irresponsible use of fireworks may lead to wildfires.

For instance, in aftermath of the 4th of July celebrations in the United States of America, the media reported that fireworks were to blame for the a series of fires in Salt Lake City. The same threat is always present where fireworks are used, especially where there is an abundance of fuel such as dry grass, sawdust, and forest plantations. Wildfires can completely wipe out habitats, destroy rare and endangered plant species, cause the contamination of water sources, and kill or drive out animal species.

The public is therefore urged to be responsible when celebrating the New Year.

Fire departments are always willing to help and monitor the use of fireworks. Usually they will also offer an advisory opinion on the safe use of fireworks and fire in general.

We all have the moral duty to do all we can to minimise adverse impact on the environment as we celebrate the holiday season.

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