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Where Does Dinner Really Come From?

Where food comes from is a topic of interest to everyone. Recent reports and backlash have some U.S. legislators considering increased laws on covert inspections that highlight unethical treatment or unsanitary conditions at farms and agricultural operations.

This has been a topic of recurring interest ranging from the agricultural industries to homes across the globe. Broadcasts like those on the ABC investigative news show Nightline have helped to bring to light deplorable situations revealed by animal rights groups like Mercy for Animals.

Organized groups such as these often show undercover videos of some farm factories with unimaginable footage in order to disclose the real conditions under which our food is produced. One recent episode showcased the surge in some states to re-examine legislation around undercover surveillance of primary producers by animal rights groups.

With food supply at center stage, discussions like those initiated on the Nightline report spark opinions from both sides. Some believe that animal rights groups may have hidden agendas or only have promotional attempts in mind when doing these types of hidden operations. Groups that unearth the wrongs with fundamental resources like the food supply, are worried that restrictions will leave them out of the equation when it comes to informing the public of unjust actions and unacceptable conditions.

Examinations, news reports and lawmaking lends to strong opinions. Should the process of how food gets to the table be an open book, or should there be a compulsory gap between the industry and consumer? Do we want to know what happens behind the food factory scene, or do we put our trust in corporations and laws to keep things straight?

In terms of learning how dinner really gets on our plates, do we elect exposés as trespassing or truth?


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