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Earth Friendly Drinks

Human beings are composed of 70 percent water, so it is vital to stay hydrated.

In today’s world we have many options for doing so. Modern conveniences allow us to purchase drinks to go, in a variety of containers.

Many containers are made of plastic and discarded. Still, there are environmentally friendly choices you can make when purchasing commercial beverages.

It is estimated that Americans spend $11.7 billion per year on soft drinks. When buying soft drinks, make sure to get them in cans or glass bottles that can be recycled.

Aluminum cans are 100 percent recycle-able so there is no reason not to recycle them. You can even earn money when you do so.

In America, there are around 10,000 facilities that pay you to recycle aluminum cans. These cans will eventually be pressed into thin sheets to be used again. And so the process goes on. The energy saved from just one can is equivalent to the energy it takes to keep the television on for three hours. If you buy coffee in a tin or steel can, recycle that as well.

Avoid drinking water from plastic bottles. Drink from tap instead. If you already have water in plastic bottles, refill the bottles with tap water rather than buying new ones.

Aside from recycling, there are other measures that can reduce waste. Brew your coffee with unbleached filters. Also try to keep coffee makers and other small appliances unplugged when not in use. If you like tea, buy loose-leaf tea or tag-less tea bags. There are many brands, including Celestial Seasonings, which offer their tea blends without strings and tags. Tea bags usually come in boxes made from paperboard, which is made from recovered fibers, and can be recycled again.

And if nothing else, it’s always better to do without straws.


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