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Top 5 Must-See Films With An Environmental Message

Every now and again, we need to be reminded that the earth is still worth saving.

Sometimes we need that message to come via a medium we all know and appreciate: the movie theater.

Once in a blue moon, a film will come through that we’d hardly consider an “environmental film”, because in all honesty, unless it’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, we probably wouldn’t pay to see it.

This is why some filmmakers insert a slightly undertoned message about saving the planet.

This list represents those silent voices, and are definitely worth viewing for both the entertainment value, and the message they share.

The Film: Featuring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, this sci-fi adventure is set in the relative future in which a giant war has ravaged our planet. Watch as Cruise (Jack Harper) travels across the land fixing drones to be used against alien invaders. Jack can’t quite remember his past, since it was erased from memory, but he laments that the Earth is no longer a liveable environment.

The Point: Conserve our resources before they’re gone for good.

The Day After Tomorrow
The Film: Climate change has wrecked the Earth’s natural rotation, and everything is now out of whack. Doomsday is upon us in the form of natural disasters that rival Independence Day in scale.

The Point: If we don’t do our part to stop the damage done to our environment, we may see bigger and badder disasters occurring on a regular basis.

The Film: While similar to ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, minus the silly plot involving an ancient Mayan prophecy, this movie also involves natural disasters on an epic scale.

The Point: Take better care of our planet, since it’s not going to last forever.

The Happening
The Film: OK, this is the silliest on the list, but as far as films with a green message go, this is the greenest. The Earth has finally grown sick and tired of being ravaged, and releases a deadly pathogen via plants and trees that kills humans. While almost completely panned by everyone who saw it, there are a select few who enjoyed it for what it was; a film with an environmental message.

The Point: Stop destroying the planet

The Film: A professor of Astrophysics discovers that the Sun will soon release a fatal solar flare that will destroy the Earth. He tries to rally support for his hypothesis while also planning ahead to save his family.

The Point: Similar to ‘2012’ in that the Earth isn’t going to last forever, so we must be good stewards of the planet for the future generations to enjoy.


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