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Eco-Tech Startups To Watch Out For

Green technology is a hot topic these days.

A lot of new companies are joining the discussion either by reformatting their strategy, or by leaping headfirst into the fray with a bold new plan.

It’s difficult to obtain funding for a startup these days, simply because the market is so saturated with them. If you’ve ever been in talks with a Venture Capitalist firm, you know it’s a tough sell.

The companies below had their trial-by-fire, and came out of it on top, with eco-conscious products and ideas for us to enjoy.

Laurus Energy: This company develops energy through coal gasification. Their extraction process digs underground until they hit the buried coal. Then they heat the coal underground, which keeps most of the pollution away from the surface.

Hara: It’s difficult for companies to cut down on energy costs when they don’t know where the energy spikes are coming from. Hara developed a software that tells employees how much energy they’re using, and when they’re using too much.

Bridgelux: This company has big plans for the long term. They’ve developed a lightbulb that’s relatively cheap and lasts for a decade. Its cost-effectiveness is in the amount of money you save versus purchasing new light bulbs every few years. It also saves on electricity costs, and keeps dead bulbs out of the trash heap.

Adura Technologies: Leaving a room without turning the lights off is a costly habit we all fall prone to. For those in the commercial business sector, this can rack up bills pretty quickly. Adura Technologies develops a wireless control system that turns off lights when nobody’s around, and dims them when the sun is shining.

Pebble: Using the crowdfunding platform ‘Kickstarter’, the folks at Pebble were able to manufacture the ‘Pebble Smartwatch’. It’s an energy efficient wristwatch that connects via bluetooth to iOS and Android devices. Use this to tell the time, check emails/text messages, etc. Also worthy of mention is the smartwatch designed by Central Standard Timing.


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