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Save money by going green


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The following are some great tips and advice on how you can save the planet, save your wallet, and feel great doing it. Most are simple, some are no-brainers, and a few may cost you a bit of upfront cash, but will save you in the long-run.

Create a homemade compost bin
This is a quick and easy project for personal use or to teach the kids how to be eco-conservative.

Say NO to disposable bags
Stop using the plastic bags you normally receive from the grocery store. Purchase a recyclable bag and carry it with you. Not only won’t you have to worry about the bag ripping and spilling the milk, but you could ultimately end up preventing the deaths of poor animals who suffocate each year when caught in plastic bags.

Wash laundry with cold water
Hot water takes more energy to heat up, so nix the heated washing for the cold kind.

Turn off the lights when you leave a room
This is the easiest on our list, but oftentimes the hardest to follow. Make a point to turn off your lights, or place sticky-notes around the house to remind you.

Drive the speed limit
You’ll emit less carbon-dioxide, save money on gas, and you really won’t get places any later than if you were speeding. Plus, if you end up getting pulled over, you’ve just wasted an incredible amount of time, perhaps more time than if you went the speed limit for an entire month.

Combine your errands in a single trip
Don’t waste gas for no reason. Bring your kids if you need extra hands. When you can, walk to the store or use a bicycle.

Pay your bills online
Say NO to paper bills. They ultimately end up in the trash. If you need a physical copy of a bill, you can always print it out.

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Going green

Image source: www.banplasticovers.blogspot.com

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