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Funding Wastefulness

Statistics on annual waste, from everything regarding paper to energy, can be found for nearly every inefficient venture. The amount of discarded items left to be dealt with each year is contemptible, and the U.S. alone is responsible for tons of it.

In the aftermath of the recent Presidential debates, seeing the signage littered all over lawns and roadways finally being removed was just another reminder of this disposable attitude.

Calculations were that last year’s exhilarating election cost somewhere in the several billions, with each upcoming year undoubtedly destined to outspend the last. It is wasteful. In addition, it has been reported that the amount of food that the U.S. tosses out annually is nearly $165 billion, even though 1 in 5 children in America receive insufficient nourishment.

It brings about the question, isn’t there something better that could be done with this amount of seemingly financial overflow? Campaigns, corporations and companies need to do their part and weigh what is wasteful against what could be helpful.

Organizations like Feeding America partner with federal agencies and public schools to provide information and active resources regarding hunger related issues present in their specific communities. The have put in motion systems for underprivileged children such as the Kids Café, an afterschool program that provides free refreshments and meals and the BackPack Program, which has sent children home with weekend snacks for over 15 years. They also have summer food and pantry programs to ensure that kids are more apt to get a wholesome meal even when school is not in session.

To see a caption stating what unbelievable amount was spent on things that will be thrown out, like promotional materials for just one example, is a bit infuriating when you know that countless children are going to go to bed hungry. When you evaluate the importance of something like having more signs against more pressing things, like ending childhood hunger, the overwhelming realization occurs that when funds are available in such astronomical proportion they should be more wisely expended.

Big business, whether it is in the political spectrum or elsewhere, need to incorporate wiser ways of spending and put the money they seem quite able to raise in their deemed time of need to better use.

Do more, waste less.

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