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Is this the future we wanted?

A recent movie called Idiocracy paints a depressing future in which society has become unintelligent and feeble minded to the point of ridicule.

Likewise, H.G. Wells’ famous novel, The Time Machine, also shares a similar tomorrow where humanity has dumbed down into obscurity. Could it be that we are on a correspondent path?

In a world where convenience is paramount, and everything from vehicles to homes is automated, we’ve increasingly built a society of demanding and dependent people.

The desire to create is slowly being replaced with the need to consume– a stark contrast compared to the mindset of previous generations.

Of course, this isn’t a global phenomenon. In areas where one country lacks motivation, another nation excels. But what if this apathetic trend continues and overtakes those who lead the field in innovation and excellence? What happens if they decide that it’s simply not worth all their hard work?

Imagine this; America and her wealthy allies succumb to consumerism, while China and India become the world leaders in business. And since they can’t carry our planet forever, they too fall prey to dependence on automation. Advancements in robotics will one day allow mankind to take its focus off of hard labor, and society ends up turning our attention to the arts and design. But what happens if we become bored with even that menial existence?

If such a day comes, we will truly see the end of the world. Not through a global Armageddon or contagious disease, but through the loss of a desire to live. Is this future all that hard to see? Perhaps it should be suggested that we are at a hypothetical and philosophical fork-in-the-road.

In one reality, humanity excels and continues advancing our limits through time and space. In another reality, the cancer of indolence overtakes society, and we slowly die off in a depressing fashion.

There is hope, however.

If we can all recognize the choices we must make, our reality will look very much like the one presented by the first option. But if we choose to ignore wisdom and common sense, we will denigrate ourselves until we’re no better than the Eloi people of H.G. Wells’ novel.

Whether our future is bright or bleak, we must heed history’s example and make a wise decision soon, or one will be made for us.

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