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Green Engineering

Swaziland like most African states is a developing economy with ambitions of attaining first world country status in the future.

These ambitions are pursued in numerous ways, one of which is the improvement of infrastructure in the country. The improvement of infrastructure includes numerous construction and excavation projects throughout the country.

Currently, the iron ore deposits are being mined, a new international airport is under construction, new tarred roads are being built, electricity is being made accessible to remote areas, and water pipes are being installed to ensure that rural communities also have access to water. All these projects are meant to increase the economic standing of the country and also benefit its citizens. However these projects will undoubtedly have an impact on the natural environment, such impact will at times be exacerbated by the terrain in parts of the country which may require more destruction of the environment rather than working around it.

Against the background of the discussion above, green engineering becomes relevant.

Green engineering basically refers to the realization of commercially viable engineering products with minimal harmful effects on the environment. The concept in question is relevant in that it is one way in which the government can reduce environmental degradation occasioned by necessary development. It is thus important that Swaziland develop green construction standards and certification systems, in which green engineering would be incorporated.

Perhaps the most important reason for championing green engineering, and going as far as requiring a certain level of green engineering from contractors is that many times such contractors are foreign based companies with no vested interest in the country other than to make a profit and leave.

Development should be well rounded, not a trade wherein environmental integrity is blindly (and unwisely) sacrificed for development. Conserving our healthy  environment forms part and parcel of the concept of sustainable development.

Green engineering is one way in which the country can ensure well balanced and sustainable economic growth.

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