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Decentralized Dance Party – Message or Menace?

If you have heard of the Decentralized Dance Party (DDP), then you are probably not surprised that they have been in and out of the headlines lately.

Their claim to social media and flash mob fame has been to drive a dance fueled party across North America, broadcasting playlists and dispatching a manifesto of global love.

This ever growing group of individuals gathers sporadically in cities by the hundreds for a dancing demonstration of world peace and unity.

The two organizers behind the DDP vision, Tom and Gary, seemingly have formed a party attitude into an interconnected movement. They have begun a self-proclaimed, open invitation social experiment to see if global accord can in fact be achieved through dance, and plan to make it a worldwide mission.

Tom and Gary

With over a hundred battery powered recycled boomboxes and a main mobile D.J. that diffuses the master broadcast through an FM radio transmitter, the endurance testing dance powers through public areas loudly yet peacefully demanding attention.

Decentralized Dance Party

The idea of having a dance party for world solidarity does sound diverting, however, some may question whether this undertaking is only a simulated one which lends to an elaborate excuse for a self-promotional public spectacle. Others wonder if the revelry leaves behind more than a message, but question if issues like potential litter from droves of party goers, party favors or other types of pollution come up.

Reportedly, the uncountable amounts of batteries used at events are in fact recycled, and they do seem to encourage using rechargeable batteries as a better choice.

Most everyone loves a party, but no one likes the mess they can leave behind. For some information on hosting sustainable events, visit The David Suzuki Foundation.

Assembly coordinators need to remember that after the fun is over you have to clean up your footprints.

If interested in participating in the DDP’s global community party, learn how to prepare your boombox for a hopeful stop in a city near you.

Which city would you like to see the DDP visit? Let us know in the comments below.

As Tom and Gary say: “When Partying is recognized as a Top International News Story, Anything Is Possible.”

DDP map

Image Source: DecentralizedDanceParty

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