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Is This As Good As It Gets?

The era of the industrial economy is destined to meet its end.

Paul Ekins highlights in Wealth Beyond Measure (1992), the nature and cause of modern economic development will be the system’s own undoing.

It may indeed be doomed to collapse.

Some writers argue that few people would benefit from such a collapse; while others counter-argue that the collapse of the modern economy is necessary for the benefit of all.

But if our current economic framework is the cause for our environmental and social ills, then is it not worth asking what alternatives might exist?How might we envision a new economy?

Would it not be better for us to enable the knowledge and skills we have acquired over the past two hundred years (indeed longer!) to create a better world?

Surely we have the capacity to envision and build a materially more modest, culturally more diverse way of life? Surely we have what it takes to pull focus on an economy that is community-based, convivial, sustainable and achievable on a human scale – one in which all people can participate and find fulfillment (Ekins, 1992).

Surely we are not so far gone that we think our current economic system is as good as it gets? Is it as good as it gets? Is there no room for economic evolution? Have we achieved all we can in terms of who gets what and how? I think not.

Beyond anything, I believe human beings have the capacity to change with the times (albeit a little slower than some might wish).

I believe that in our hearts we all yearn for the same thing: genuine wealth, an authentic expression of well-being that we experience within ourselves and that we share with others.

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