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Quality Partner Program

The Quality Partner Program, also known as QPP, is a unique cocoa sustainability program developed by Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest cocoa and chocolate manufacturer, and our subsidiary Societé Africaine de Cacao (SACO) in Ivory Coast.

QPP supports cooperatives in their efforts to serve the needs of their cocoa farmer members. It enables and encourages farmers to grow and produce cocoa in a sustainable, responsible way.

Farmer Field Schools are used to help train the modern cocoa farmer. Farmers learn how to increase the productivity of their farms and how to improve the quality of their cocoa. They learn about techniques for managing pests and diseases that can harm cocoa plants, and about the importance of biodiversity.

Training also covers sound labor practices including sensitization about child labor issues. By delivering higher volumes of better quality and traceable cocoa, farmers can earn more from their crops, and with the increase in income improve their overall quality of life.

Recently, Praline maker Van Coillie switched its production to products of Barry Callebaut’s Quality Partner Program.  Van Collie has used top quality cocoa beans, premium butter, and cream for its Belgian top quality chocolates. Barry Callebaut and Van Coillie expect luxurious premium raw materials, creative craftsmen, knowledge, and experience. By switching this will allow customers to receive chocolate made with sustainable cocoa whilst supporting the future of quality cocoa and the QPP program.

Cocoa is grown in a narrow band around the Equator by mainly smallholder farmers and their families in some of the poorest areas of the world. There is often a shortage of adequate schools, qualified teachers, medical facilities and supplies, clean water, and energy sources.

QPP works with partner cooperatives to improve access to education and basic healthcare in cocoa farming communities.

They hope to emphasize the importance of schooling for children of cocoa farmers, support community sensitization activities on child labor issues, and sponsor sports events such as football tournaments for farmer members of QPP cooperatives and their children.

Hoping to build community and release from poverty.

Image: QPP Farmer 

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