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It’s Getting Warmer

In a new study released by the Pew Research Center shows that more Americans are finally coming to the realization that climate change may really be occurring.

According to Pew Research Center, 67% of people say that there is now solid evidence that the earth’s average temperature has been getting warmer over the past few decades. That number is up four points since last year and up ten points since 2009.

An increasing number of people say that the rise in the earth’s temperature has much to do with and may be directly caused by human activity. As of today, 42% say the warming is mostly caused by human activity, while 19% say it is mostly caused by natural patterns in the earth’s environment. Last year, 38% of people attributed global warming to human activity and in 2010 34% of people attributed the earth’s problems to similar activity.

Many individuals continue to see global warming as a problem. Around 64% of Americans say it is a very serious, 39% believe it is somewhat serious and 25% consider it only a problem. The numbers are nearly the same from last year’s poll and are still lower than the numbers from 2006 to 2008.

A majority of Americans across all of the age groups believe there is solid evidence that the average temperature on earth is warming. However, those in the 65 and older category don’t consider that warming is attributed to human activity. Only 28% of the people in the 65 and only age group say this, compared with 47% of those under 50. Likewise, only 29% of people 65 and older say that global warming is a very serious problem.

The public continues to be divided on the question of whether climate change is actually occurring or not, but what about the scientists? Scientists agree that the earth is warming primarily because of human activity. About 45% of scientists agree, 43% say they do not and the remaining are neutral. The numbers have changed very little since 2010.

There is also a partisan divide over the question. According to the scientific consensus, just 30% of Republicans think scientists agree, compared with 58% of Democrats. Independents are divided.

What do you believe?

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