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Harsh Reality, Not Theory

It is no longer excusable for anyone to believe climate change isn’t happening, nor is it excusable to think human activity is not causing it—or at the very least exacerbating natural climate change.

For the purposes of this writing, regardless if one denies the existence of climate change or if one denies human activity is responsible for making it worse, they will be coupled together and regarded as a “skeptic.”

It was allowable for skeptics to spew their scientifically unfounded opinions on climate change when the effects were just theoretical—no one knew better; it was a theory.

However, it is no longer allowable, or excusable to deny what climate scientists have been warning of, because the theory which has been presented for decades, but never quite taken seriously, has turned into a harsh, bitter reality which has affected a countless amount of lives.

In 2012 many of the warnings scientists have made about climate change went from studies in journals to real-life events played out before our eyes: record melting of the ice in the Arctic Ocean; U.S. cities which shouldn’t experience heat waves baking at 95 degrees or hotter; widespread drought, especially in the Midwest, destroying chances for successful crop yields; mass flooding; storm surges and hurricanes which are stronger and more frequent than they should be; wildfires consuming tens of thousands of acres.

The list goes on and on. What makes it worse it that this is not unexpected—this was predicted years ago, and no one seemed to care, because it was just a theory.

While it would be expected that when something as dangerous as climate change has become reality, action would be taken to mitigate the effects, that has not happened, at least in the United States.

There are “more pressing” issues at hand—which may be the case—but what seems to be frequently forgotten is that none of these other issues will matter if there is no world for the problems to exist in.

Climate change action is necessary, and it must be immediate. Like climate change denial, it is no longer excusable for climate change inaction to persist.

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