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Climate Change is on the Agenda

Climate change issues are definitely on the agenda, both the personal and political.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office who studies payments made by congress has even recently included in a report that climate change is a concrete risk.

The report asserted that increasing extreme weather events carry high threats to our entire ecological infrastructure, affecting the environment as well as posing a financial hazard to the federal government.

The United States Global Change Research Program detects that severe weather is on the increase and will have lasting effects, such as those from rising sea levels caused by climate change.

Additionally, the National Research Council says that though these effects may vary in degree dependent upon factors like location, the growing occurrences of devastating weather will no doubt lend to administrative economic jeopardies.

The two agencies offer that adaptation to changes need to be considered, and actions to lessen threats like reducing greenhouse gases on a global scale will keep defects at a certain level, but the consequences from already existing emissions will be felt for some time. The recommendation has been made that those at the federal level need to collaborate with state and local departments to prepare and have management plans in action for such events.

Out of the political spectrum, another organization that has directly seen the effect of climate change is Protect Our Winters, which was founded in 2007.

From the first hand perspective of professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones, a notable change in the winter seasons has become evident. The group brings awareness to the fact that the last decade has been the hottest to date, and points out differences in things like seasonal onsets and active ski periods have been and will continue to be effected by changes from the warming weather.

Though natural features impact changes in the earth’s temperature, man-made causes have greatly contributed to issues like greenhouse gas emissions. Humans have significantly impacted the earth’s natural rhythm by increasing amounts of sweltering fossil fuels. Those involved in winter sports recognize the importance of doing what we can to reduce our impact to protect environmental and economic vitality, as well as communal well-being.

From the political arena to the slopes and everywhere in between, climate change affects us all. Discussions on the matter are likely to continue as we best figure out how to decrease our damage.


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