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The Office Of The Future

The modern office of today doesn’t look very different from the office of the mid-90’s, which says a lot about how some businesses view technology and innovation.

This also applies to many companies’ views on working efficiently, since one can assume that outdated equipment is detrimental to worker’s success, and should be replaced immediately.

That being said, there are many technology standards in use today that will soon be rendered ancient tomorrow.

For instance: desk phones. This tired old model of secretarial and cubical communication has passed beyond its peak of usefulness and must take its leave from the office.

In replacement, cellphones and tablets. Both are portable, and both have facetime abilities, for video conferencing and on-the-go mobile productivity.

Next on the chopping block is standard work hours. Many companies are beginning to switch major job duties from office work to at-home tasks, which allows for a more flexible schedule. This isn’t to say that all jobs are compatible with being completed from home, but many are and have been for some time. Society’s move towards a more evenly balanced lifestyle has prompted this change in standard business practices.

Another technology becoming more prevalent in the workspace is tablets. Slowly but surely, iPads have found a home in the business world. Whether it’s stock trading or document creation, these light, portable, and high-performance devices are popular among those who formerly swore themselves to be PC-only business types.

Last on this list is the cubicle of the 90’s. Many companies are switching to a more open office space, and moving away from the cluttered, claustrophobic, and uninviting image of cubicleland. Along with purchasing furniture and office appliances that focus on efficiency and design, employers realise that to some, this type of cold environment can become depressing over time.

Tomorrow’s office will blow away the previous model in many ways, the most important being efficiency.

The amount of work that can be completed using modern technology is quite incredible, and should be a testament to any business owner who hasn’t updated their office in 20 years.


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