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Campaign For Ugly Animals


Image source: www.animal-backgrounds.com

We all know that when it comes to unspoken life rules, anything cute and cuddly takes priority above everything else.

This is why cute animals rarely make it to the endangered species list, and when they do, the world rallies to save them. After all, we couldn’t live without cute lil’ Sea Lions swimming around, right? (ok, I take that back, those things are absolutely adorable).


Image source: www.wikimedia.org

Here’s a quick video describing the UAPS and their mission:

It’s because of backwards human psychology that ‘The Ugly Animal Preservation Society’ exists in the first place. Congratulations, world; you’re responsible for the extinction of ugly animals everywhere simply by not caring.


Image source: www.felis.in

Nobody would bat an eye if the pig-nosed frog lived or died, because that thing is abhorrent! Or the Komodo Dragon, aka: a despicable creature that ought to be ashamed of itself, right?


Image source: www.nationalgeographic.com

Nay, many of these animals, unattractive as they may be, actually have important jobs in their respective ecosystems. The UAPS came up with a unique plan to save these horrifying creations by way of comedy. Everybody enjoys a good laugh, and when it’s at the expense of oblivious animals, all the better.

The UAPS doesn’t ask for donations during their comedy shows, rather, the events are about awareness with the hope that donations will follow. You can learn more about the effort on the UAPS website.

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