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Urban Bee Keeping

The Opera House in Paris has kept bees for quite some time.

The Boston Sea Port Hotel houses hundreds of thousands of bees on its rooftop which help pollinate hundreds of local gardens.

Urban bee keeping is a necessity and can help with lower cost of a healthier diet with rooftop gardens.

The issue with urban bee keeping is the fear that bees can be a nuisance. Bees actually help to pollinate and in turn create honey. This helps the environment especially in urban cities where metal rooftops grace the open skies.

Rather than ugly rooftops we can replace them with urban gardens which bees could help pollinate and increase less transportation of produce. The honey can also be used for colds and seasonal allergies, in which is best used from a local source not one thousands of miles away.

Many cities, like NYC, historically have had a ban on urban bee keeping.  Most of those bans are now being lifted.  In an online report, bee expert Noah Wilson-Rich, who has a Ph.D. in honeybee health, reported that urban bees have a more likely chance of sustaining winter where at rural bees do not. The mystery is that bees have been disappearing and they are not even finding the dead bodies.

CCD, known as Colony Collapse Disorder, is a loss of a bee colony. In the winter of 2006, bee keepers began reporting usually high losses. The causes of CCD are still being researched with research being pointed at invasive varroa mite, a honey bee pest, and new emerging diseases such as Israeli Acute Paralysis virus and the gut parasite Nosema. These are just a few theories.

Hopefully urban bee keeping will grow and help find a clue to the mystery of CCD meanwhile helping with local sustainability.


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