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Plastic Bags ‘Out’ In Dallas

Plastic bags are apparently a hot topic amongst Dallas leaders. Dallas’ Transportation and Environment Committee is scheduled to debate whether or not to ban plastic bags in the city.

With billions of plastic bags polluting our oceans this does seem to be a wise choice.

The idea is mentioned in broad strokes as part of a plan to significantly reduce waste in the city.

There is not much detail as to when it would start, if it will be phased in, or if it would be an outright ban.

In the city’s proposal, it does not deem the ban to be mandatory until 2021, but considering this is the first of discussion on the a plastic bag ban it is expected that almost anything could change. The hope is that people will use reusable-cloth bags instead. With many sites offering reusable bags there are plenty of outlets to buy some. Another possibility could be charging for the use of plastic. Though doing away with the plastic altogether is much more efficient in policy.

Most supermarkets in the area have reusable bags to purchase on average of a dollar a bag. Cooled and heat lined bags are available for purchase for about five dollars. Some markets such as Sprouts farmers market offers money off your bill when you use a reusable bag to store your groceries in to take home.

Banning bags outright can eliminate immediate waste in the city. The ban will reduce costs for the stores all while helping our sea life to have a brighter future. Reusable carrier bags are sturdier and make carrying canned items a breeze. They also eliminate the awful ripped bag effect where you go chasing groceries down your front drive way.

Do yourself and the environment a favor, use reusable bags!


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