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The Gift Of Giving

Whatever your religious affiliation holidays are a means of celebrating life.

Holidays bring about excitement and festivities, which more than make up for the accompanying headaches of the season.

And of course, these celebrations would be nothing without a colorful cast of family and friends. But with the season comes gift giving.

Though it can be fun to search out tokens of affection that suit your loved one’s personality, every family has one or two members who are hard to gift. In fact, you may be one of them.

Perhaps they may have everything or simply want nothing. This can result in wasted purchases or the impersonal tactic of slipping money in an envelope.

So, in keeping with the holiday spirit, a kinder alternative could be to donate to a charity in your loved one’s honor. You may want to check if there is a specific cause that is special to them. They would probably be delighted that you are taking interest in something important to them and helping those in need in the process.

You may even ask others to do the same for you in place of a present. If your friend or family member doesn’t have a preference, there are many great charities that aid people during holidays. If this loved one (or yourself) is afflicted with the same dilemma at birthdays, there are numerous causes that put good will to use year round.

Toys for Tots have been providing kids with toys since 1947. Toys for Tots usually cater to children 12 and younger, but some donations can be made for older kids between the ages of 12 and 16. There aren’t specific guidelines of what should be donated, so pick out what you believe would make an appropriate and unique gift. Toys for Tots have several drop-off locations dotted throughout North America.

Another great alternative to traditional gift giving is to sponsor an animal in your loved one’s name. Sponsoring an animal is different from adoption.  Instead, you ensure the animal is provided with the necessary food and equipment needed to lead a quality life. One of the best programs to sponsor an animal through is the Best Friends program. They even have wish lists, detailing current items needed by animals and their caregivers, as a way to start you off.

The opportunities to give are endless and can really help improve the happiness in peoples’ lives.

Research local charities in your area and make a difference.

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