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5 Climate Change Myths Investors Believe

Considering purchasing new stock in an environmental company? Do you have misgivings because of a climate “fact” you may have heard? Chances are you’ve fallen prey to at least one of these 5 myths before, though you wouldn’t be the first.

Hopefully this list changes your mind, or helps you make it up.

5. Isn’t Putting Climate Change “On The Radar” Good Enough?

Absolutely not. Imagine if President Lincoln had simply stated, “Slavery is bad” and everyone in Congress said, “Yeah”; do you think any action would have been taken to necessitate change? Climate shift should not be viewed lightly, as it affects both the present and the future.

Sure, the planet will be around for billions of years to come, but we’re destroying habitats and ecosystems necessary for our survival right now. Wouldn’t you like to be part of the solution?

4. Climate Change Is Little More Than A Risk Issue…Right?

Wrong. According to Impax and FTSE, over 1,000 companies have markets directly linked to climate change. If you plan your portfolio right, you can join this growing opportunity.

3. Climate Change Doesn’t Affect A Large Portion Of My Portfolio

Again, that is simply not true. Energy prices, oil prices, water shortages, etc cause widespread damage across the market, affecting companies from tech to fashion. To properly invest your money, you need to consider all of your options.

2. Can’t We Just Take A Wait-And-See Approach?

While major damage to the planet is still decades to hundreds of years away, organizations will still act to lower carbon levels with or without considering the importance of stockholder’s carbon-related assets.

1. The Science Is Too Uncertain For Me To Invest

If this is how you view the issue of climate change, then you probably haven’t done very much research. Studies have shown that humans are indeed causing damage to the atmosphere, and while our overall impact is still hotly debated, you should be prepared for all outcomes.

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