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The Digital Detox

Call it a remedy for the technological tether.

The ties that makes us feel connected can really make us less so. Our electronic excess and need to be constantly in the know actually can hold us back. Though we may not realize this until we escape from it all, in doing so we may remember what it is like to get through the day without grabbing for one device while checking another.

This is what the motivational force behind the Digital Detox is. The concept is to get people off the grid and back into an authentic reality.

Technology is not the bad guy, but when we are so digitally reliant it detracts from everyday experiences.

Check out this cartoon sketch from adbusters.org to see if anything looks familiar:

The Detox hosts events, like the Device Free Party, where there are absolutely no gadgets allowed. All that is permitted is a night of outdoor fun planned around a summer camp theme, only for adults. Music, board games, crafts, face paint and organic elixirs are some listings on the tech-free agenda. If someone has an absolute need to hover around a device anyway, an analog zone is provided complete with an old-school photo booth and typewriters.

Along with other sustainable retreats, corporate gatherings and unplugging events that are intermittently offered for those up to the challenge, there is also Camp Grounded. This is a 4 day wilderness retreat – sans gadgetry. The goal is to invade a 1970′s boy scouts’ campground to reclaim pre-technologically advanced selves.

Want to take back your headspace? Digital Detox will help you put down your smartphone, even if it takes disabling it with this free app.

This kind of detox is a great way to recharge without needing your charger.

Not an event scheduled nearby? Use that as an excuse to implement your own electronic detox, even if only for a few moments.


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