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Skincare For The Sun Kissed

Skincare For The Sun Kissed

Taking care of skin year round is important, but during the warmer months the sun’s rays can wreak havoc on delicate facial skin, requiring additional steps for protection and treatment.

Naturally detoxing and cleansing your skin can be done right at home with ingredients found in the kitchen.

For a simple exfoliating scrub that isn’t too harsh, try baking soda mixed with a few drops of water. It will remove impurities and dead skin cells without using tough chemicals.

For another way to gently yet effectively cleanse facial skin, try rice water. Rice contains vitamins and minerals that have healthful properties and are beneficial to the skin.

With skin softening and brightening ingredients, it also works well as a cleanser because it can tighten the skin and shrink pores, but is gentle enough to not irritate skin.

Making a rice water cleanser is a cinch. By using only fragrant jasmine rice and water, this centuries old cleanser can be made at home.

Skincare For The Sun Kissed

Simply rinse rice, place it in a bowl and cover it for several minutes. This will allow the nutrients for the grains to seep into the water. Use it to splash onto the skin or apply with cotton balls.

Store the rice water in an airtight container like a mason jar and keep refrigerated. Discard after a few days.

Skincare For The Sun Kissed

After cleansing, cucumber aloe mist is a moisturizing and refreshing allover spray.

This recipe calls for soothing cucumber and rosewater, a natural astringent that also works to calm skin. Also, lemon brightens and softens the skin, while aloe vera gel provides moisture and helps with blood flow.

After the ingredients are blended into a liquid they can be transferred to a mister. The solution can be kept refrigerated for about a few days up to a week.

Skincare For The Sun Kissed

Mix in the juice from citrus fruit for an additional boost of vitamin C. Use the mixture as an exfoliant or apply to skin and leave on for several minutes until dried.

Homemade skincare remedies are easy to make, effective and often take less time to make than a trip to the store.

All images are from Free People.

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