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Sitting For Too Long Can Kill You

It should come to the surprise of no one that an increased sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to health. What may surprise you is that sitting for too long each day can shave off hours of your expected lifespan and cause many various health complications.

Check out this video on the matter of sitting for lengthy periods at a time:

So what can be attributed to our sharp increase in sitting more than those in previous generations did? For starters, the shift from jobs that require manual labor to jobs in front of computer screens is partly to blame. It’s not unusual to find yourself sitting for 6 – 8 hours per day at a desk job, which makes it difficult to find exercise during those hours.

Will we turn into a live-action version of Wall-E at some point in the future? Fortunately, that’s not likely at all, since medical experts and researchers are pushing for more public awareness on the benefits of exercise (which is rather sad that these campaigns are necessary in the first place).

It’s recommended that for every hour you spend sitting, you spend at least 10 minutes of quick exercise, be it walking around, cleaning, doing the dishes, etc. If you can take a longer break, the health benefits increase even more. With cities pushing to create bike paths, parks, and other recreational public areas, your options are continually growing.

As we continue creating more and more desk jobs, we’ll need to learn how to adapt to these new conditions to that we maintain a healthy lifestyle. One interesting trend that’s made its way into the cubicle is the “treadmill desk“. Follow the link to learn more about what it’s like to actually use one.

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