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Top Eco Ways to Shop

Thrift/Discount Stores
For many people thrift stores and discount stores are a way to get creative and have fun while you shop.  These types of stores allow for you to buy what you need without breaking the bank.  There is a lot more than just clothes, making the experience worthwhile.

Plan Ahead
By making a detailed list of the food items that you need before leaving for the store, the quicker you will be in and out of the store without impulsive buying.

Also, remember to shop the perimeter of the store.  Most stores are organized with packaged food in the middle aisles.  The outer areas are where most meats, vegetables, and dairy products are found.  Set a limit on how much you’re going to spend and stick to it.

Become a Couponer
Clipping coupons has never been so cool.  Coupons are in stores, in your mail, and online.  Discounts and rebates will never get old, so start clipping!

Buy in Bulk
The benefits to buying bulk foods are endless.  You can make a significant difference in your food budget and the impact you have on the environment by buying bulk.  Bulk goods require less transportation to deliver to consumers, there is no packaging, and you can see the product you are purchasing.

The famous acronym just got a face lift.  Next time you’re headed to the store bring your own bag (BYOB).

Many stores sell reusable grocery bags or they can be found online for as low as fifty cents.  Some stores even give you a small discount for bringing your own bags.  You will make your money back after only a couple of trips to the store and protect the world from harmful chemicals used in other grocery bags.

Why Drive?
Public transport provides transportation to many people while reducing the number of cars on the road.  Reducing the number of cars in the street improves air quality, cuts down traffic, and reduces noise problems.

But, if the bus isn’t green enough, you can always walk, run, or ride a bike.  All three are good for the environment and your body.  Why not kill two birds with one stone instead of being lazy and harming the planet?

Grow Your Own Food
Next time you are at the store, walk past the produce section towards the home and garden area.  Food is a basic need, so why not grow your own?

With produce prices doubling, take on the task of doing it yourself to save money.  You can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.  Growing your own food, even one item, is good for the planet, your pocket, and a fun hobby to take on.

Buy Eco-Friendly Goods
Today there are many “green” product lines out there to supply us with eco-friendly products.

Companies such as “Seventh Generation” provide many non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, alternatives.  Many of which are not tested on animals.  More common brand names have also jumped on board, adding their own eco-friendly options.

You can find toxin-free, chemical-free, products like Chap Stick, soaps, toothpaste, and shampoo made with all natural ingredients.  Also, many paper products such as toilet paper, paper towels, plates, and cups come free of inks, dyes, fragrances, and are 100% recyclable.

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