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Self Washing Dishes to Casually Save Tons of Water

Self cleaning dishes

Image source: www.thevoltreport.com

Self cleaning dishes may soon be a product on the shelves thanks to Swedish Design studio Tomorrow Machine.

Their dishes need not be washed with gallon after gallon of precious water. They will actually clean themselves, without the need for scrubbing, just as soon as you are finished with your meal. The leftovers entirely will simply slide right off the plate leaving no grime to scrub.

The development of these dishes got started when Swedish Forest Industries Federation asked researchers and designers to make a product that could be created with tree-based cellulose.

Tomorrow Machine teamed with KTH Royal Institute of Technology to make the goods, and what they made is dishware that repels water, dirt and oil.

The dishes were made imbued with a wax dissolved at high pressure and temperature. They are mimicking the leaves of a lotus plant. Any residue that may land on your plate will be discarded with no mess left behind.

Tomorrow Machine is proud to say that their self cleaning dishes will save tons of fresh water from going to waste on dishes, as well as save resources from heating washing water and making dishwashing products. And, for the first time in history, the dishes will clean the dishes!

Self cleaning dishes

Image source: www.thevoltreport.com


Image source: www.thevoltreport.com


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