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Seeds Of Wonder

You don’t have to be an avid gardener to appreciate the sophisticated splendor of something as seemingly modest as a seed.

The Seed Site provides a realm of information about the life of seeds.

A compilation of botanical information, including instructional resources for harvesting, storage, germination and planting are covered. Identification descriptors and many other helpful materials are also offered.

Helpful links answer advanced questions as well as the basics, like is it an annual or perennialEducational tools for scientific and teacher resources are available like themed project supplies for making diagrams, templates, seed packets and identification cards. There is also a Junior Seed Site for beginning enthusiasts.

In addition, there are 1000’s of close ups that show seeds in unbelievable detail.

Some seeds are more inconspicuous. For instance, pinecones, though not seeds, do contain the seed producing systems within.

One interesting and in depth look at how they develop comes from an artistic collaboration of plant processing, photography and filmmaking. The Mezentseva duo, Maxim and Katia, gathered the detailed look into nature and created the presentation.

Utilizing time-lapse photography, their film shows plants and pinecones in their surroundings over time as they go through the drying process.

The close-ups are presented with a melodic overture, creating a music and cinema video titled How To Be  that is a magnificent display of natural entertainment.

Katia Mezentseva gave the plants a soak in salt water in order to draw out the moisture. Then the pair shot pictures of the flowers and cones at 60 second intervals for an entire day. Upon dehydrating, the pinecones expand in order to allow the seeds to distribute. The salt and water mixture can be seen on the surface during the process.

Seeds Of Wonder

Image source: dezeen.com

In an interview with Dezeen, Katia Mezentseva stated:

I wanted to show that everything is alive in our world. Perhaps it is not noticeable at first view, however if you look closely and observe longer, you can see life even in a small pine cone you find under your foot.

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