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In metropolitan areas the foot commute can be a part of the everyday.

Walkways can often be overlooked in places where concrete tends to take over the greenery.

Community walk paths that are arranged around nature and not intruding upon it can be found in several designs. Safe, easily cleaned and synthetic materials kept to a minimum, these paths actually encourage walking.

Great for sneaking in exercise and improving health, walking as opposed to riding saves environmental energy while increasing individual energy levels.

So, how does your neighborhood or favorite spot do on a walkabout?

You can find out at Walk Score.

Put in an address, city, state or zip and you will receive a transportation rating for the specific area. The scoring system goes up to a perfect 100 for an optimal walkability factor or a lower score for a more car dependent region.

With more than 10,000 districts in close to 3,000 different cities, a search can be done for many places in the U.S., Australia and Canada.

Along with the area’s transit assessment it will provide businesses and other points of interest that are within walking distance. It also lists the most walkable cities.

Walk Score’s ideology is simply put: “drive less, walk more”. They feel that common sense solutions to commutes can form healthier, sustainable communities.

Their suggestions for creating a walkable neighborhood include incorporating an easily accessible and centrally located public area, as well as many gathering spots like parks and affordable venues. The transit space should ideally be in close proximity to residential areas, schools and businesses. Further, streets and paths need to be designed to accommodate all forms of pedestrian, wheeled and public transit.

There is also a bike score and public transit system rankings.

This vimeo shows how the walking scene works:

For the urban hike, places that integrate scene worthy walk paths and public transport through congested zones are environmentally beneficial and health smart designs.

All images provided by Walk Score.

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