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Small Scale Rooftop Gardens

If you like the idea of a sky garden but don’t necessarily have the space, use what you do have to implement a smaller scale version.

To get the benefits of a rooftop design, adhere to applicable building codes and pick a sturdy structure that can hold the weight of a garden.

Rooftop gardens can help with rainwater runoff and preliminary research has discovered that water excess is decreased by over half in a roof or structure with a garden incorporated. Also, they can naturally help the indoor temperature remain stable by providing a substantial insulating layer.

Good.net shows the following diagram that explains the layers in a green garden:

In addition to having freshly grown flowers, organic produce and herbs within reach, having a green garden spot in the yard can also improve your mood.

Rooftop garden designs can have restorative properties, especially in unexpected, high stress areas. For example, Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago houses the Crown Sky Garden, a 5,000 square foot living expansion. Architect Mikyoung Kim, who has created other healing gardens, notes that clinical spaces like hospitals may in fact be counterproductive settings when it comes to making patients feel better. Research shows that dreary, stark spaces can have a negative effect on mood.

Though this is a huge example of a rooftop garden, smaller ones also have the capability to energize. Integrating a rooftop garden in an available yard space can lend to a calming effect. Even if you don’t have an accessible, expansive roof, there are other locations to consider for planting.

Smaller structures, like sheds, garages, playhouses and sturdy overhangs can be plotted gardens. Sky gardens don’t even have to be on a roof. For example, fences, posts or any off the ground object can be turned into mini growing foundations.

Check out Houzz for pages of rooftop garden ideas for homes.

Even without a sprawling roof space, you can have all of the advantages of an on-site, green garden in an affordable, sustainable design.

Image Source: flickr


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