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Re-Purpose Clothing

With countless DIY (do-it-yourself) projects floating around the internet there really is no reason for old clothing to go into the trash.

Here are a few projects you can do at home with old t-shirts.

First, take an old shirt and lay it out flat. Starting at the bottom and cutting across the shirt making ½ inch strips until you get to the sleeves. Take the strips and pull until they roll making several loops. Tie the loops together using strips from the remaining shirt from the sleeves and top. For more colors combine two shirts to make a longer, colorful scarf.  Your friends will be impressed by your savyness.

Second, take old shirts, especially those with memories, and cut out a square around the logo. Line up the squares over batting and use binding to stitch the shirt squares into a tee shirt quilt. Do this for the front and the back. This blanket is great when friends come to visit and you need those extra blankets.

Third, take a plain old white tee shirt your dad or brother is planning to throw out and get some Elmer’s glue and dye. Wet the shirt and ring it out. Pull the shirt or tank top over a bin lid and write your favorite quote or draw a design. Let the glue completely dry. Prepare the dye bath with cool water and let soak until you received the color you prefer.  Pull tee and let dry for the dye to set.  Then soak in cool, soapy water for 15 minutes to wash out the extra glue. Then wash and dry as normal.

These are super fun to create with Edgar Allen Poe poetry or the lyrics of a favorite band while staying green.

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