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New Ways to Reuse Trash

Trash Backwards is a nifty website that works like a search engine, but alas, it is better.

The main difference being: instead of typing in inquiries on current events you type in an object’s name and, upon entering, are given ideas on how to reuse it. Though there is a little more to it than that.

Below the search box is no standard search button, but three different buttons to select after entering an item’s name.

The first of these is the “Reuse It” button, which leads you to up-cycling ideas and their source websites, which contain a lot of useful information in themselves.

The second option is the “Get Rid of It” button. This option displays how and where you can recycle a specific item.

For example if you have a pair of glasses you wish to get rid of, the website may suggest that you donate them to an organization, like New Eyes for the Needy or one of the Lions Clubs. It may also display websites where you can list the glasses for sale, rather than just tossing them out.

Lastly, is the “Make It” button, which works in reverse of the “Reuse It” button, as instead of typing in a material item, you type in an object or project you wish to create and the search engine reveals the materials needed to make it.

So, if you were to simply type in an item’s name, we’ll say “planter”as it seems a popular choice, and select the “Make It” button, the results might include ways to make hanging bike helmet planters, standing floor lamp planters, rain boot planters, and many more – there are even ideas for reusing unoccupied toboggans.

But there is still another feature we’ve yet to cover. Beneath the three options we already discussed is the “Get Inspired” button.

Clicking on this opens up a portal of inspiration, with hundreds of recycling ideas placed into one of several categories, including crafts, decorations, kitchen appliances, and even ways to make instruments using discarded items – and we’re talking more than your average rubber-band guitar.

For those who always have the latest gadget stowed in their pocket, Trash Backwards is currently developing an app for the iPhone, making it easy to get inspired on the go.

With such an abundance of creativity, you may never want to toss an item again.

And think of all the purchases you’ll no longer have to make.

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