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Uses for Yogurt Cups

If you are constantly tossing yogurt containers into the recycling bin, check out the following suggestions for reusing them.

After the contents are gone, the clever ideas below are just the beginning of what you can do with yogurt cups.

Yogurt cups tend to be fairly durable and most with lids are stackable. They can also be written on with permanent marker for an easy label. Plastic containers like these can be used around the house to hold numerous little things like paperclips, staples and other office supplies.

Put them to use in the garage or storage cabinets to hold nails, screws and small objects. They are also ideal for holding travel necessities like detergents, dish soaps and pet snacks. IndependentTraveler recommends using them for storing items like ties and scarves that can be rolled up and thrown into luggage.

Popular among teachers, children and gardeners everywhere are yogurt cup planters. The single serving sized units are perfect for starting seedlings. They can also be utilized for making a self-irrigating planter.

The crafting possibilities that lie within an empty yogurt cup are endless. They can be reused for everything from holding and mixing paints to keeping craft supplies. They make great molds for candles, soaps and crocheted cupcakes. They can also be turned into bubble holders for kids. Save the lids for an almost spill proof container. ArtistsHelpingChildren.org has tons of ideas for kids and crafty adults. Baskets, vases, birdfeeders, pincushions and luggage tags are just some included in the compilation.

Since most are round, they make a good vehicle for tracing a circle or cutting out cookies. They can be used for holding homemade popsicles and frozen fruits that won’t spill in the freezer if placed on a tray or cookie sheet while setting up. Also, they can be decorated for any occasion and filled with small treats to hand out as presents. Instead of buying tins to contain holiday cookies, lidded yogurt cups can be used as a receptacle to hold them. They will keep cookies fresh and protected from breakage until gift giving time.

Repurposing plastic yogurt cups is a practical and tasty way to reuse.

Image Source: flickr by: Michael Bentley

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