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Reuse Halloween Decor

The time of year is here that we go spooky with witches, goblins, gravestones, and goo! Do not make mother earth boo you. Here are a few simple decorations you can reuse year to year.

Gravestones:  Instead of those styrofoam stones you can find at every store try using wood. One large sheet of wood can make about four gravestones. Use wood fence stakes by drilling them to the back to insert your stones into the ground. Paint the stones with silver paint and black for writing. Every year they get more worn adding to the creepy effect.

Caution Tape: Whether you have traditional caution tape or zombie crossings this tape can be reused year to year. Use wood dowel rods to hold your caution tape from the wind. Simply clip the tape in two spots and insert the wood. This keeps the tape from flying away or tearing so you can reuse it every year.

Spiders: While fuzzy spiders are super scary go with the rubber spiders as they stay scary longer. Add them to garage doors or webbing to create an eerie effect.

Spooky glasses: Mason jars are great for serving apple cider at the Halloween Bash. Simple to decorate and are a fantastic replacement over foam or plastic cups. Additionally, mason jars make great candy jars when decorated with paint and coat hanger handle.

Halloween Skewers & Caramel Apples: Stake these delicious sweets with a reusable skewer that are metal. If you are afraid of the metal being too sharp for the little ones use wood Popsicle sticks or lollipop stick but remember to recycle.

Now go use your savvy green sensibility to create a super spooky yard and scare the bejeebers out of the neighborhood.

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