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Clever Uses for Coffee

Science and necessity have long looked to available resources for coming up with needed solutions. Stretching out everyday items and repurposing them can be helpful around the house as well as for the planet.

Reusing coffee grounds is one interesting notion that has led to developing this ordinary essential for some into a wide range of other uses. From simple around the house chores to the advanced, cups of coffee are capable of doing more than perking people up.

Leftover coffee grounds are perfect for hiding scratches and small dents in dark wood furniture.

They can also be used outdoors as fertilizer, and plants that thrive in acidic soil will get a boost. Additionally, grounds can be sprinkled around areas where pests like insects or even cats are not welcome and they will naturally deter them.

There are many other ways to reuse coffee grounds around the house, including in home spa treatments. They can be used as an addition to homemade exfoliates and work well to remove odors and stains from hands. Grounds can also stimulate the scalp and be used as a hair rinse for darker hair. This will add shine and a bit of a tint, though be sure to rinse well if a slight coffee smell is not wanted.

Taking beauty treatments further than topical, the knowledge that coffee is antioxidant rich has led scientists down a promising road. A group of researchers have been looking into using leftover coffee ground residue to make dietary supplements due to their healthful properties.

An always welcome venture is sustainable forms of biodiesel, and coffee grounds have been explored for this use for years.

Researchers have been able to productively turn coffee grounds into a source of biodiesel fuel. Since used grounds have a lot of oil, averaging approximately 15%, they can be transformed into fuel and even further reportedly can be repurposed into pellets containing fuel for burning in stoves.

Other researchers have noticed the rich oil in coffee and have evaluated the efficiency of adding coffee roasting operations and large scale coffee shops in the biodiesel production mix. By using grounds that are normally discarded on a large scale daily basis, they provide an increased opportunity to save money and produce a sustainable fuel source.

Further, the potential for bioplastics to be developed from leftover coffee grounds has even been contemplated. In a presentation at the American Chemical Society this capability and the biorefinery process was discussed as scientists continue to look for ways to produce viable fuel using waste.

The innovation on the scientific playground is always amazing. It is interesting that by scrutinizing routines and the everyday things that are normally discarded, sustainable projects like these can surface.

Coffee is a morning inspiration to many, and with the numerous uses for coffee grounds it is reason for coffee lovers everywhere to drink up.

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