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All Grown Up? But What About All This Stuff?

If you have had a new one enter the household, you are probably aware of how fast they tend to grow out of things. From baby gear to clothes, the time spent in them can be short-lived.

Often baby’s things can be reused in a different way to extend their life and usefulness. For instance, everyday necessities like baby wipe containers can be turned into nifty organizational tools that can be labeled and easily cleaned off. Whether round or rectangular shaped, they can be repurposed to fit where they are needed. Using them as portable carriers for pencils, paper, stickers or whatever favorite activity is preferred allows small hands to tote them around. Larger sizes are perfect for holding toys, craft and art supplies or essentials like first aid kits.

Lotion and bath bottles can have a second life as charging stations or for holding stationary, pencils, and office supplies. Other small items like jewelry and hair accessories can be kept in them, too. They can be decorated and even mounted where they are easily accessible.

Also, save things like portable changing pads and the inserts from diaper bags. Changing pad cushions can be repurposed for outdoor activities anytime impromptu seating is needed. These are usually fairly waterproof and wipe right off. Zippered bags that are no longer needed for holding changing supplies can be used for containing small toys, crayons and snacks.

Baby furniture is pricey and many times you might want to hang on to a piece for sentimental reasons, but don’t really need it for its intended use anymore. Cribs can be repurposed into just about anything the imagination can come up with. From turning them into toddler beds, headboards, bookshelves, mobile carts or even desks, transforming a crib can be a useful project. reGives has inspiring ideas for reusing baby cribs.

Changing tables are another object which outgrows their use in the nursery. They can be redone and used as dressers, shelves, workstations or children’s play furniture. They can even be put on casters and turned into a mobile cart for things like grilling, gardening or hobby supplies.

Infant clothing is one category that definitely has a quick turnaround, as babies seem to grow right out of them. If still in good condition baby clothes can be donated, sold at consignment shops and local or virtual garage sales. Clothes that hold special meaning can be placed in a shadowbox case to be displayed. Blankets or clothing that may be stained in spots can be turned into pillowcases, doll clothes or other useful fabrics.

Repurposing newborn items can be a smart option and a way to have some extended fun with them. By finding new uses, special pieces can be preserved and their practically can continue.

Image Source: reGives

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