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The Sustainability Workshop

Chloe Meineck, an innovative designer and researcher, has her hands in many projects.

Her scientifically based designs have received much attention, and her Music Memory Box has recently won the Most Innovative Product Award from Brighton Enterprise.

Another project that she put into action last year called the Sustainability Workshop is intended for use as a resource for teaching students about carbon emissions. Designed for children ages 2 through 6, it features hands on activities that provide children visual experiences to go along with the lessons so that they can grasp the concept.

The workshop, which is aimed at school audiences, includes different facets and has a kit of tools and corresponding demonstrations.

The inflatable men project shows children how carbon emissions vary in different countries.

The Sustainability Workshop

Image source: chloemeineck.co.uk

With the help of some interesting friends, the represented countries are displayed with an average individual’s inclusive carbon emission levels. That number is then divided it by the total population to show each country’s size.

The workshop also includes a section called the Food Project. This activity shows the impact of parts of the food industry, like transport for non-local foods as well as packaging issues. Children learn that the more dense the food, the greater the embedded carbon emission level is. By taking models of a variety of foods and adding weights to them to show how much their carbon levels are, children can more easily understand the concept.

An interesting note was that some out of season produce actually weighed more than many of the other items, and bananas were unexpectedly found to be lighter than thought, prompting more examination into the result.

Meineck’s ability to provide engaging materials to help teach children real world concepts is a valued assest to the educational community.

She also has a fun side, as captured in this video that shows science in action making rainbows:

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