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Natural Skin Remedies

Blackheads can be quite the little beasts on our skin. Many products, that we tend to use to remove blackheads, contain agents that are harsh on the skin. Besides the harsh agents, we should also be concerned with the bottles these products come in. Most are not recyclable. The one simple way to eliminate both of these concerns is an all-natural blackhead remover that you can easily create in your own kitchen. Some of the produce might even be found locally at farms or farmer’s markets.

Slice a lemon in half and drizzle honey on top. Rub thoroughly over skin especially where blackheads have appeared. Allow the juice and honey to dry. After five minutes you may wash your face with cool water to remove the mixture. You should immediately see the removal of blackheads.

Another amazing all natural skincare solution is cucumber and lemon. No need to remove the skin or rind as they help heal and remove dirt from your pores. Cucumber is used to cool and calm the skin and is commonly used in Asia. The lemon will help remove dirt that clogs the pores and will shrink the size of the pores to prevent further blemishes.

In a small food processor, add cucumber slices with the skin on and lemon slices with the rind on. Process until the mixture resembles a thick soup. Use as a facial and wash nightly by rubbing it on lightly, wait one minute and rinse off your face. Within a few days you will notice a healthy glow and few blemishes.

With these effortless and cheap ways to pamper your skin you can additionally help the environment. Why not refrain from products that have chemicals and non-recyclable bottles which only damage the earth and replace them with these methods that use produce you can buy from your local farmer’s market.

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