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Homemade Tonic Remedies

Tonics have endless uses, like cleaning and disinfecting to being used for homemade spa treatments and medical remedies.

Making tonics with household ingredients saves money and exposure to harsh and unnecessary chemicals.

Tonics have been turned to for thousands of years by numerous cultures for preventative and restorative medicinals. They can be prepared from mixtures containing things like herbs, produce, roots and various other natural ingredients. The effects can be gradual and many require repeated use for optimum benefits. They are intended to naturally energize, detox and clarify mental and physical properties.

Tonics can be applied to skin for different facial issues. Oily skin may benefit from lemon juice or crushed kiwi fruit extract. Dry skin can be soothed with yogurt and a blend of olive or essential oils, lavender or chamomile flowers. Also, whole oats can be crushed, blended with organic honey and added to other tonic mixtures. This can be applied to irritated areas and left on as a mask. Also, green tea and cucumber can be used to freshen and wake up the skin.

At home hair rinses can make hair shinier and seem smoother. Essential oils can be used as a base for dry hair. Oily hair and dry scalp sufferers can benefit from rinses made from blends of boiled mint or nettle leaves and apple cider vinegar. Parsley can be ground and the paste can be applied to hair and left on prior to using shampoo to invigorate the scalp and hair.

Tonic remedies for cold and flu symptoms can be made by using things from the kitchen. Garlic cloves, onion, hot peppers, ginger and horseradish root can be added to apple cider vinegar to make an ingestible mixture that purifies and encourages blood flow. The garlic and onion work together as natural antibiotics. Spicy peppers and ginger can stimulate your system, and horseradish helps to clear nasal passages.

Also for the outdoors, gardeners and lawn care enthusiasts can apply homemade tonics for a variety of issues and pest deterrents. Certain mixtures can be fairly effective at treating mild problems or uplifting landscapes, without the worry of using environmentally damaging substances.

Even pets can receive natural tonics, like mixtures of diluted apple cider vinegar for basic first aid or for problems like digestion. It reportedly also works well as a natural flea dip or skin soother for dogs. Additionally, vinegar can be used to disinfect and deodorize pet areas.

The next time an ailment or irritation pops up there may be a natural antidote that will work just as well or better than a chemical cure.

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