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Back To School Cost Savers

Every year across the world when campuses and classrooms start to fill up at the beginning of semesters, the costs for students and/or their parents mount up.

And not just the financial cost, but the environmental cost of producing all those plastic items in immense.

Here is a list of my top 5 eco-friendly solutions that will help your wallet and our world.

Recycle What You Can
The amount of paper students use every year is overwhelming.  There are notes, written papers, newspapers, graphs, instruction sheets and syllabi.  But, no matter how much of this paper we use, it will all end up in the trash pile. These things can be avoided by using the margins or the back of a single printed page for notes or scratch paper.  We can use both sides of a sheet of paper when printing notes or an assignment.  Or we can choose to recycle the paper rather than throwing it in the garbage.  Recycled paper is also a great option.

Type/Print Conscientiously
Always consult with your teacher before an assignment to double check what is okay and what is not.  Teachers usually don’t mind if the papers you’re printing have both sides full of your work, rather than using two different pieces of paper.  Also check if using a smaller font, font size, or margin size would be alright.  Another way to save is by using the “draft” quality setting or gray scale to save printer ink.  But, the best way to save ink and paper is to email.  By emailing your work you will not use any paper or any ink and it takes half the time.

Eat A Safer Lunch
Instead of buying lunch at school or grabbing fast food on your break, take a lunch.  Instead of using a brown bag or an old grocery bag, pack your lunch in a reusable lunch bag.  Use plastic, reusable food containers.  There are also stainless steel food containers, which as dishwasher safe and won’t affect you with BPA.  Eco-friendly utensils include reusable bamboo or silverware from home.  Lastly, instead of packing a plastic water bottle or sports drink, use a BPA free bottle made from glass or stainless steel.  By making these few changes, not only will you be reducing waste, you will also avoid exposure to BPA.

Public transportation and schools work together to get you to school and home safely and in a timely fashion.  You can also walk, run, or ride a bike.  Reducing the number of cars on the road improves air quality, cuts down traffic, and reduces noise pollution.  All of these options are good for the environment and your body.  But, if driving is a must, carpool and save!

Buy Green
Back to school clothes mean a lot to middle school through college-aged students.  The old fashions are out of style and new trends are popular.  Your clothes don’t fit or you want to make a good first impression.  Discount and resale stores are the place to go to get what you’re wanting.  These types of stores are all for you to get the clothes you want without breaking the bank.  Since trends are constantly changing, there will be something for you.  Recycling clothes will minimize the use of resources to make clothing, save you money and help the environment.

Back to School savings

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